Monday, March 17, 2014

A letter to My blog

Dear Blog,

Hi, my blog, so sorry that I have abandoned you for 5 years.  I don't even remember, and never think of visit my own blog again after so many years.  And at this one fine afternoon, that i suppose to work on my office stuff, i am here, and seeing my blog after so many years.  The feeling is kinda weird when read back what I have written about all these thoughts and feelings.

So, I do hope i can write and update my blog frequently.  Too bad, I am just not that kind of person, who like to take note, leave something, share something.  Besides, since I am more a FB guy, it is easier to access and drop a few notes, rather writting a blog, posting photo.   So, a bit sorry that I have created you, but have left you like abandoned child.  Besides, there a only a couple of guy know your existence, and i think now, I am the only guy left.

Anyway, I am still thankful that you are still here, and at some points of time, you did bring some different to my life.  Do hope this website will be forever here, and server a record of few years of my life.

Thanks and Regards,
Yih Loong

Thursday, October 01, 2009





Friday, August 14, 2009

Noon in 1U

I have spent a noon in 1U with my wife. We were there for G.I.Joe. Before the movie starts, went for a quick lunch. Since it is a quick lunch, as a chocolate lover, I decided to have our lunch at Theobroma Chocolate Lounge.
We ordered a hot and a cold chocolate drink, and 2 sandwiches. I enjoyed the chocolate drink very much, don't really know how to describe, I just love it.

About the movie, just another pop-corn movie, with lots of action and fun to watch.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Busy and Lazy

Again, it has been sometimes that I have not update my blog. The title say it all, busy with work, and lazy with blog.

Anyway, I have written 3 articles in the name of my little Xin Yee, and posted in her blog. If you guys are interesting to see her photo, feel free to visit the following.

Full Moon
First Hair Cut
Bye Bye Auntie

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Tribute to MJ

For the past few days, besides busy with works and living my usual life. Part of my leisure time, I decided to follow up on MJ news. On saturday, went to 1U for Transformers : Revenge of the fallen(nothing much to review, basically it is like Transformers x 2times more explosive, more transformers, more fighting scene), passed by New Wing, and realized there is a small stage, and MJ post is on a white board. Went home and did some research, found out that there will be a Tribute to Michael Jackson event held on 28th June 2009, 7pm at 1U new wing.

After finished OT at Office, decided to drop by to pay tribute to the SUPERSTAR of my era, or maybe LEGEND of ALL TIME.

The event started around 7pm. First we had a minute of "Moment of Silence" to mourn MJ departure. Then, we got someone from Sony BMG to give speech, according to him, MJ has sold around 800,000 copies of record in Malaysia. I always expect a bigger number, but maybe that's already a really huge number for Malaysian.

Then, there was MJ video clip shown, "The One". According to the host, this is never been played in Malaysia. It is more or less about interview of artist, their impression about MJ, and shares some greatest moments of MJ.

Later, we got 3 impersonators on stage to perform MJ dance. The crowd is really high, and wild. I stayed around for 1 and half hour, I manged to leave a few words on the "Wall of Message" that is going to send to MJ's management office in US.

I miss the sing along session, because I got to get home since I have been out for one whole day(Actually I felt sorry to my wife, it is our 1st wedding anniversary, but I spent least time with her that day).

It is really a tragic that MJ leave in such a way. I wonder if he can pull off the concert, he might be able to bring back his glory day. However, that's not going to happen. We can only remember the King of Pop through his classic masterpiece.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Bye Bye MJ

Early morning, I received a call from my close friend, he has brought me a stunning news, MJ died. Oh My God, one of my childhood idol, the "King of Pop", Michael Jackson is dead.

Wow, all the childhood memories are flashing in my head. I still remember how I loved his album "Bad". Th cassette has been played over and over until it was damaged. Somemore, I will never forget the MTV he has brought to us. Nevertheless, his unique "MoonWalk" is so amazing, and breath taking.

I have been following up his album until History. However, since then, he was surrounded with all kind of scandals and accuses, and it was quite sad that I have started to forget him, as one of my top idol, an leave Michael and memories in 90s era.

Not long ago, I was happy when news said that he will be on stage again, somemore, uncountable concert tickets sold out in hours. I still expecting to watch his live performance. I was quite exciting when news said there might be chances for him to re-visit Malaysia, and have another performance. I really want to see how he bring back his glory day.

It has been really a shocking news, that I would not want to believe that he has left us. Though I have kind of forget about him for a long time, in bottom of my heart, he will always be there, he has live in my life.

Michael, you are forever KING OF POP, and forever Legend !! R.I.P.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Summer BlockBuster is back

Though I am busy taking care of my new born daughter (of course I am only the helper, my wife and the confinement lady are actually the one who take care of her) , I still manage to sneak out for some leisure time, because as usual May is where Summer BlockBuster starts, and as a blockbuster lover, how could I miss it.

2 weeks in a roll, I have watched Wolverine, and Star Trek. I enjoyed both movies, especially Star Trek, it is fun to watch how they remake (not really remake I guess, since I totally forget the origin Star Trek movies and series) a classic, and tell a story in a different way. Eventhough I am bored with time travel plot they used, I still got to admit that it is necessary for this movie, because it give you the excuse and reason, to start Start Trek in a new direction, and if the movie is selling good, I believe it gives more creativity and idea for the sequel. However, if there is a sequel, I really hope to see all the cast again, I think they have done quite an interesting job, and brought chemistry to the movie.

How about Wolverine, sad to say, the story is really predictable, so, it is all about action and action only. Though they tried to have two relationship lines for Wolverine, brotherhood and lover, I just don't really felt for it, guess it is just not good enough.

There will be more to come, Angels & Demons, Terminator Salvation, G.I. Joe, Transformer : Revenge of the Fallen and etc. I guess I will be storming movie theatre for 3 months.
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